“If you could choose to live in any period of time which would you choose?”

This was the question I was asked by a friend today. I had to pause and think before answering. So many exciting times in history to choose from! Suddenly, it came to me that I would have to choose the dawn of manned flight!

I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to do ten parachute jumps while raising funds for good causes so I am aware of the thrill of leaving an aircraft into the vast void of sky circulating our world. The moment of no contact with anything else to support you is exhilarating. To look down and see the patchwork of “toyland” beneath you is awesome in the extreme! I know the science behind the concept has been tried and tested over many years so each time I parachuted I knew it was safe so I could relax and enjoy the thrill of watching the world from a new vantage point.

Soaring high above like an eagle watching the world at your feet. What a feeling! I can imagine what thrills the early pioneers of flight would have experienced. It must have been a wonderful feeling for the Wright brothers and contemporaries to brave new horizons and lead mankind into new vistas. Blue skies!



Why it’s IMPORTANT to be part of a “Group” that creates a “Culture” & “Momentum” in your “home business.

Many people are suprised to discover that working from home is a business in and of itself that needs the right attitude and attention from the start. To remain focussed is an art that has to be experienced and learned. I have found that out the hard way. Distractions occur so easily at home as you can relax only too easily. Phone ringing, mail and visitors are common distractions as all too often it is one person responsible for all…yourself. A quiet area set aside to sit and write or type is a must too.

Is that all? You might be forgiven for thinking that’s all there is too it. Just set to a task and get it done and you will reap untold rewards…sadly all too often we can feel isolated and troubled that we do not make good progress quickly. It is too easy for us to feel very alone and although thanks to fast internet connections excellent search facilities and resources are just an internet search engine away to find instruction or guides to a task or answers to a problem it is a souless place at times working at home.

Human beings are by nature social and even the most introspective person needs someone else to spark ideas off and gain validation for good ideas. Humanity is social by nature and therein lies a great benefit to working at home if we are part of a group. The cell or landline phone or internet messaging facilities available to us nowadays means we are never far from answers and support to help us achieve our aims. Many times a short conversation can spark new areas to encourage or at least validate or correct thinking. The fact that others are also experiencing what we ourselves experience is a boost too as we are not alone. Mentors help and we pay it forward helping where we can.



Finally, I started up swimming again. Seriously I can’t swim far as I get out of breath too quickly. I use the sauna afterwards which is great for my lungs.

It’s great to have the opportunity to put life on hold and concentrate on that next stroke or taking a breath before going under water yet again. Too often I put off making time to do things that would be of benefit. Swimming is such a positive way to gain fitness that I am glad I am making the time again.

In my working life I would try to walk during lunch break to exercise. When I stopped making that time and effort I found I put on weight and became less fit. When I was set back with breathing difficulties I forced myself to walk again even though just 20 steps would mean stopping to gasp for air. Gradually, I found time to go swimming and although even now I can only manage about four lengths (pausing for breath before each one) and then get out, it’s four more than I could do before so I count it as success and it makes me feel good.

We all need time like that. Time away from the norm that lets us feel good. Don’t you think?



I did my fist video and uploaded it to YouTube! For years I have used a webcam for communications and I have a camcorder which I use with digital cameras for things like wedding photography. It was the first time for me to actually script out and make a recording to upload though.

It was a spoof response to a spoof marketing prospect so I had to think through just how to get the “spoof” factor right. Afterall if I was too serious it would fail to deliver as it was a spoof right? I decided to use a little humour. Humour can have its own difficulties but I think I covered the bases.

As a former computing teacher, I would take part in raising class donations for charities at times. I would append the name Anon Y Mouse and make up a suitable total anonymously. This gave me the idea of hiding behind a mask of a mouse. One thing I have learned from watching various webinars or webcasts is that distractions have to be cut to a minimum so I thought I would play on that and have my character interrupted. You know the usual suspects…son playing loud music and daughter getting a phone call from the boyfriend you want to tell off for bringing her home too late. Try concentrating on running a webinar with those distractions!

Towards the end of the video I decided that I would cut away the mask so to speak and reveal myself! Actually what I did was to put up a picture while I spoke and then removed the picture to show me…wearing a mask! haha! I don’t know if the results were exactly what was required for the video to be a response but I know one thing is for certain…I had great fun scripting and doing the video and it might be the first attempt but now I got bit by the bug it will not be my last.

About me


I am a father of two, a former company administrator and computing teacher now looking to explore possibilities using the internet. Currently, I am writing a small collection of short poems. My vision is to share the joy of learning with others.

Ill health forced me into unplanned early retirement and to look at my life. It helped that I was made aware of an opportunity to submit a chapter in Volume 3 of The Art and Science of Success which Matt Morris published. I used the opportunity to recall the pitfalls and successes of my life to date. Iused it to put the 15 months or so of being laid low with breathing difficulties and struggling to get balanced into prespective. I can say that life was no fun when walking 20 steps would need a stop to recover my breath. Yet there is always hope for the future if we look forward not backward.

I have met so many wonderful people in person in my life (Joel Therien, Mark Call, Mike Potvin, Mike Glaspie, Jane Marks, Phil Basten, Croix Sather, Ty Cohen, Darren Scott Monroe, Tom Green, Michael Green and Matt Morris to name a few) and draw on their support and encouragement as I learn to put my interest in computing and in helping other people to helping me move forward. It was a privilege to meet Joel Theren, Mark Call and Matt Morris personally to thank them for providing me with the chance to turn my life around.

As I research opportunities I will offer them to others in the hope that they also will find something to help them. Ranging from using the internet for business opportunities or for facilities that help communications, there are numerous possibilities.

When I lost my voice for six months because my steroid medication affected me I even used a home karaoke and recordings to get me to talk out and develop my voice again. One of my musician friends even helped me to put a song I wrote to music and I recorded it on an mp3 at age 57! Rock on! Now I am learning about public speaking.

So many opportunties await. Follow me as I explore them.

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